Get Some Projects Curated by Bill Nye in Your Mailbox!

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Get Some Projects Curated by Bill Nye in Your Mailbox!

This past February saw the launch of their first Maker Box from Quarterly. It’s a subscription-based box of playful, science-minded projects that is delivered to your mailbox every 3 months.

The first box, mailed out in February, was curated by Boing Boing and featured a Makey-Makey, a DIY Thirsty Plant Kit from Technology Will Save Us, and a fermenting set from Farm Curious to make your own pickles, and a bingo-themed riddle. Each box is $100, but if bought individually the kits in this first box, as an example, would cost a bit more than that. And you’d lose the novelty of being surprised.

The first Maker Box. You can search for #MKR01 to see what others have said about it.

Quarterly just announced that their next Maker Box will be curated by Bill Nye (of Science Guy fame). The boxes ship in August. We don’t know what’s in them, but we’re excited to see what Bill Nye picks out for this box.

“I am excited to announce that I will be curating the next Maker Box! To make, experiment, and observe is to be a scientist and I cannot wait to see what you will make with this box.” Bill Nye said of the upcoming Maker Box.

I can’t help but wonder if “make, experiment, and observe” is a hint for the items in this next box.


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