Learn Essential Maker Skills with Our New Interactive Workshops

Learn Essential Maker Skills with Our New Interactive Workshops

Have you looked at Maker Share lately? It just keeps growing and getting better! We’ve got over 3,000 makers signed up and sharing their projects. I’ve personally uploaded tons of my stuff, even things that I don’t put on the Make: blog.

It is so much fun watching this platform come together and grow. The roadmap has many cool things in store, and I’m super excited to see that one of the most important aspects of Maker Share is finally opening up to the public! This week we’ve published our very first learning workshop.

The workshops are guided learning experiences with the goal of giving you the skills you need to make the awesome stuff you want to make. Our first is How To Use A Breadboard, which is based on our book of the same title. Go check it out and you’ll be guided through a series of exercises where you’ll learn both how to use a breadboard and some of the basics of how electronics work. By the time you’re done, you will have completed five different fun projects as well.

We have at least two more courses planned for the near future: Tips & Tricks for Documenting Your Work by the Make: content team, and The Maker Mindset by Dale Dougherty.

As you can see, these aren’t just simple tutorials. While there may be projects involved, these workshops are designed to teach the concepts, methods, and mindsets that help create a better maker.

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