Learn Skills the Superhero Way with Maker Comics

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Learn Skills the Superhero Way with Maker Comics

When learning to make stuff, it is always important to find the method of learning that suits your style and skill level best. Sometimes that means a complex demonstration of technical methods, other times it means some inspirational comics.

The Maker Comics series is being released to help inform and inspire those that are learning to construct their own things. Covering topics such as baking, car maintenance, clothing design, and even costume construction, you’ll be able to follow along as vibrant and fun characters help you learn the important things to keep in mind as you make.

Though they use the word “Maker” in the title, they’re not connected with Make: in any way. I haven’t had a chance to review any of the issues yet, but there are some very positive things to notice in the preview images.

For example, I love how they explain using butter properly here. That’s something that I never picked up simply from googling various recipes.

Each issue has a different author and style. Falynn Koch will share baking tips. Chris Schweizer will tackle car maintenance. Kids will learn to make their own costumes thanks to Sarah Myer. Alexis Frederick-Frost will get your garden growing. JP Coovert explains how to hone your cartooning skills. Electronics and robotics get explored by Colleen AF Venable and Kathryn Hudson.

Vibrant and full of great tips and tricks, the Maker Series will launch with Baking and Car Maintenance in winter of 2019 through First Second Books.

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