Writers strike – best thing ever for making (and more?)

Writers strike – best thing ever for making (and more?)

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In the USA there’s a writers strike – what’s that? The Writers Guild of America is a labor union that represent over 12,000 film/tv/radio writers. The writers want DVD residuals, money from stuff that goes on the web and more – the details can be found here.

What does this have to do with making? Over the last few months I’ve seen more people start projects than ever before, many have told me their favorite shows aren’t on so they decided to dust off their tools and make something. Projects are flowing in to the MAKE submission form, new things in MAKE Flickr photo pool – it’s awesome.

Pictured above, a bar made from an old TV.

Seriously, think about it – the shows you once watched, they don’t seem so interesting once you tune out for a bit. I sorta liked Heros, but after there wasn’t much going on I stopped watching and now as I look back I don’t think I’ll watch it again. It’s just X-Men, I’d rather read a comic book, at least there’s good art to look at, sometimes. Besides, most of the good shows and movies are torrented so it’s not like a TV is really needed – sorry, it’s true – a gigantic number of people with a broadband connection are downloading TV shows and movies. I’ll watch Battlestar when it comes back, but that’s about it – I really want that show to end before it gets dumb.

What else? Friends who never cared about politics are getting (more) interested. There’s nothing on, but the news – and the news is pretty much the best comedy/drama you could ever imagine.

With the extra time away from the TV you can make something, get involved with politics – heck, even exercise. One of the things exercise does is -make time- you’ll get years more of life to do things you want to do… Like make stuff. People who have something to do usually seem live longer too. Maybe this is a call to be creative. I’ve never met anyone over 90 that said “Boy, I wish I watched more TV”. Usually they say they wish they traveled more and did more things with friends/family.

This strike will pass soon and all the shows and movies will return, but what an interesting opportunity to do something else – even if it’s just for a little while.

What do you think? Is the writers strike the best thing ever? Have you re-started hobbies during this time?

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