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Babyfoodjar Chandelier600
Here’s a clever tutorial on how to make a baby food jar chandelier from Natural Home magazine.
From the site:

This chandelier has all the charm of medieval ironwork—but it comes from the recycling bin. Used baby-food jars, a few yards of twisted wire, a couple repurposed barrel hoops and a length of rusty chain are all it takes to spark images of exotic locales. Powered by votive candles, the chandelier crackles with energy without drawing a single watt.

[ via AT Re-Nest ]

2 thoughts on “Baby Food Jar Chandelier

  1. samsstuff says:

    Lovely & you wouldn’t even think of it as baby food jars, to look at it. It’s been a long time since I had use for baby food, but I remember how they gathered so quickly! I didn’t want to just throw them away, but you only need so many containers for small objects. This is a great use for these jars.

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