Bazaar Bizarre Applications Open For Maker Faire Bay Area


Don’t forget: it’s time to apply for Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire Bay Area! The application deadline is April 1, so you still have time for a chance to participate in this fantastic craft fair at Maker Faire Bay Area. I talked with Bazaar Bizarre co-organizer, Jamie Chan, and got the low down on what to expect with this year’s event.
How long has Bazaar Bizarre been a part of Maker Faire Bay Area?
Bazaar Bizarre was asked to be a part of the Maker Faire Event since their inception in 2006. We’re honored to be a continuing part of the Maker Faires (San Mateo and last year Austin) and feel that our juried craft show has become a well attended attraction for Maker Faire visitors.
What kind of vendors are you looking for for this year’s event?
We’re looking to host approximately 70  indie crafters at Maker Faire. Bazaar Bizarre supports artists and craftspeople that appeal to the aesthetic of the “indie art and craft scene” and have innovative approaches to traditional craft forms. We’re interested in showing a combination of “alum” vendors, many of whom have started their selling career with our show and new, emerging talent. We believe it is this mix which makes for a successful show.
How as Bazaar Bizarre evolved over the last few years?
The Bay Area Bazaar Bizarre’s now have a commitment to giving back to our community. Each year at our winter show we will give a percentage of our door fees back to non-profit arts and crafts programs.
What can vendors expect from the Bazaar Bizarre experience?
Vendors can expect to be part of a carefully juried craft fair. Unlike many other craft shows, we have always have more applicants than spaces available. The Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire show is small (under 80 vendors) which enables us to deliver a generous customer to vendor ratio. We support our vendors by supplying volunteers throughout the show, early set-up options and promotional opportunities through our blog and newsletter.
What can visitors expect from Bazaar Bizarre?
Visitors can expect to find some of the most talented and prominent indie crafters and artists in the country. Visitors can find special show prices and limited edition products from some of our vendors. These shows are a great place for vendors to try out new ideas….some of which may never make it to their regular product lines. From reconstructed t-shirts, hand pulled screen prints, one of a kind paintings, ceramics, steampunk jewelry to plush tampons….Bazaar Bizarre has it all. You will discover new products and connect with the artists and crafters who made them!
What advice would you give to those folks interested in applying for Baz Biz?

Please read all the details of our application page. You can see pictures of previous Bay Area Bazaar Bizarres to get an idea of what kind of aesthetic we’ve tried to cultivate. Be sure to have a comprehensive application, with as much information as possible about your business. Good product pictures are key for application review. If you don’t know how to take pictures of your product you may want to ask a fellow crafter to help you make a nice portfolio of your work.
You don’t need to have a web store, as long as there is somewhere online (like Flickr) where you can show us your products, it will help judges make a more informed decision about your application.
It is very important you understand that rejection from one show will not exclude you from acceptance to future shows. We never have the ability to take all the vendors we would like and the pool of applicants will vary from show to show.  The judges are making their decisions with your best interest in mind and sometimes they genuinely feel certain products may not be a good fit for our attendees. We know that over time people change their product lines and style, so we’re always willing to review you again in our future show applications.
Lastly, the best way to prepare your application: ATTEND a Bazaar Bizarre! Meet current vendors, collaborate with them for a future show and introduce yourself to our indie community. If you like to craft, aspire to sell your crafts or just appreciate handmade we encourage you to come out and be a part of the Bazaar Bizarre experience.
Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire Bay Area
San Mateo County Expo Center
Saturday, May 30th: 10AM – 8PM
Sunday, May 31st: 10AM – 6PM

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