Crafters at New York Comic Con 2011


Below is a Comic Con dispatch from MAKE friend and film editor David Shuff.
The 2011 New York Comic Con was this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC, and every East Coast nerd worth their pocket protector was there. While superheroes, video games, toys, and all things anime were in abundance on the show floor, a few stalwart crafters were sprinkled in the mix, proudly displaying their handmade creations.

With each new creature, Daniela lets her scissors lead the way through the vinyl and sees what emerges, at which point she grabs the paint markers to fill in the rest; finishing off with several coats of lacquer. She was both thrilled and intimidated to be in the same area as Tara McPherson(!)–one of her favorite artists.

Jackie was working as an animator when he picked up a friend’s felting scraps and instantly fell in love. While selling his animation sketches at a convention, he displayed a handful of felt animals and was surprised to see them go like hotcakes. He now sells his creatures and DIY kits full time at conventions nationwide and on his website.

Anne Kirn found it perfectly natural to be at Comic Con given that she got started sewing her own anime costumes before transitioning into plush. Her only regret was that she couldn’t spend more time wandering the convention floor! Check out more plush as well as her amazing cosplay work.

Alicia also arrived at the New York Comic Con by way of cosplay. A few years ago she was at another anime convention and noticed that no one was combining her two favorite things – sushi and plush. In a eureka moment, she thought, “I can make this, and people will love it as much as I will!” Each of her delightful pieces is “hand rolled,” but she says it’s getting to the point where she needs to bring in more help to keep up with orders. Get your favorite roll or onigiri at her site,

Equal parts crafter and maker, Glen admitted he felt a little out of place among the pop culture overload, but there was no question people were loving his flagship invention, the “gear ring” (video). A self-taught designer, he displayed various paper crafts as well as a tremendously impressive tank-tread coffee table. A less imposing tabletop version was also available.

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