Dorkbot NYC April 1


Douglas Repetto writes:

The 1,618,033rd dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 at Location One in SoHo.

Featuring the divine and proportionate:

Erik Sanner: Paintings that Move, Spring Planting, and How to Enjoy Traffic Cones

Why make art when every day we encounter strikingly beautiful, impenetrable objects of infinite interpretation? The aesthetic practice of traffic cone viewing is as rewarding as visiting a gallery or museum. However, by simultaneously engaging in traffic cone appreciation and collaborative artmaking, I believe we can each experience a unique “hey!” moment.

Daniela Kostova & Olivia Robinson: Waste to Work

Waste to Work explores the transformation of labor into electric power, using sweat as the link. Sweat is the perfect medium: it is an electrolyte that can be used to make galvanic batteries – “waste” that can be harvested from our labors – and remains an extremely personal commodity that holds our scent, essential salts, fats, pheromones. This project has multiple phases: building sweat batteries and sweat harvesting suits.

Breck Baldwin & Splinter: The Towel

The Towel is a scratch built model airplane consisting of foam, trash, $100 worth of motor/prop/rc gear etc and 3 hours building time. It flies great and its primary goal is to channel everyone’s inner 8 year old. It also serves as the foundation for an excellent night flier (to be demonstrated), aerial video vehicle and has excellent repairability and crash tolerance.

Dorkbot-NYC meeting
When: 01 April 2009, 7-9pm
Where: Location One, Greene st north of Canal
$$$: $FREE$

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