3 Ways to DIY Dough Ornaments

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One of my top crafty must-makes this Christmas are homemade dough ornaments. Great idea, but where to begin? There seem to be so many recipes out there, it can be a little overwhelming. I’ve taken the time to search out three different recipes (with awesome tutorials and tips) that will motivate you to get rollin’!

These recipes are so darn easy, you will likely already have all the required materials at home in your kitchen cupboard.

When it comes to homemade dough, I don’t believe there is one tried and true recipe. You may still need to add more or less of a certain ingredient to get the correct consistency. Often your climate will play a key role in how your dough turns out. Even if you screw up beyond belief, the materials are very cheap, so it’s not an expensive lesson to learn.

The links under the photos will redirect you to the full tutorials.


Salt & Flour Dough Tutorial

Jeran from Oleander and Palm put together a very informative and easy to follow how-to video for her hand stamped ornaments.


Cornstarch & Baking Soda Dough Tutorial

This recipe claims to create a much smoother, whiter, and less sticky dough. Alex from North Story shares her experiment with adding scented baking oils for a little extra umph.


Cinnamon & Apple Sauce Dough Tutorial

Cassie from Back To Her Roots puts a modern spin on these classical fragrant cinnamon dough ornaments.

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