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Book Review + Giveaway: A Zombie Ate My Cupcake

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I have a serious thing for cupcakes (the only thing better than cake is a mini cake, just for you), so A Zombie Ate My Cupcake has me chortling with delight and drooling in anticipation. Not only are the decorations absolutely fantastic — from the insanely complicated-looking Bleeding Hearts to the delightfully simple Ghastly Ghouls and Monstrous Mummies — the recipes are, dare I say, to die for. The flavors are as titillating as the visuals; I find that so many creative cakes actually taste pretty rotten, but when you use meringue for a light-as-air ghost, cherry sauce and pomegranate seeds for gaping wounds, and marzipan for mutant ears, it’s just got to taste delicious.
“Lily Vanilli” is a British cake designer who really cares about the ingredients as well as the look of things. She not only gives lots of tips for using cake decorating fundamentals to create your own designs, but she nudges you in the direction of good ingredients, like “good-quality runny honey,” freshly grated nutmeg, and fresh cherries if possible for the cherry sauce. And the book, while absolutely perfect for All Hallows’ Eve, will be useful year ’round, whether you’re making Day of the Dead skulls or Fallen Angel toppings.
Book Giveaway Time!
One lucky CRAFT reader will receive a copy of the book A Zombie Ate My Cupcake. Just tell us why you would like this book in the comments. All comments will be closed by 5pm PST on Friday, October 22, 2010. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and announced later on the site. Good luck!

98 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: A Zombie Ate My Cupcake

  1. spydyrgrrl says:

    I NEED this book. Seriously. Totally obsessed with zombies, so much so that I wrote a major research paper on the subject. No joke. I can provide a copy if necessary to validate my claim. I. LOVE. zombies. Movies, books, whatever, I love it. I am an avid baker and have a deployed spouse who would LOVE to receive a batch of zombified cupcakes, maybe oozing “blood”. I cannot elaborate enough on my love of zombies, which is almost trumped by my love of collecting cookbooks. So, really, this is a win-win situation and the obvious choice would be to give the book to me! Please! Seriously, I know all the research on Haitian zombie powder and am not afraid to use it. ;)

  2. Christine's Curiosity says:

    I have been looking for inspiration to pep up my halloween and every other day fare! What better way than with some spooky and delicious food!

  3. tenacious_o says:

    i’m a huge fan of all things cupcake, and all things that make cupcakes more amazing than just random frosting. i’ve always been a horror nut too, and so this book is practically made just for me! i would love to get a copy so i can make more treats i’ll have a hard time getting people to try. the last two years i made these amazing chocolates that look like body parts (ears, fingers, eyes, etc) and had to eat most of them because people were afraid of them. it would be such a shame to have to eat a whole batch of cupcakes myself. ;)

  4. Nessa says:

    FUN! I hope I win this one! I love cake of any kind…cup, mini, sheet, all cake and I love all things Zombie.

  5. cineloh says:

    I am currently planning my Halloween party. I need more inspiration!!! Just started hanging decorations and have no idea what I am doing for goodies yet!!!

  6. sratliff says:

    I would be my son’s hero if I made a few of these. He’s obsessed with cupcakes and anything creepy! My favorite thing to bake are cupcakes because you can get creative and everyone is happy. If I win, there will be a very excited kindergarten class!

  7. Amylyn says:

    Because zombie’s are awesome, cupcakes are awesome and I live for anything Halloween!

  8. says:

    Little boys like gross things, and my son loves to help cook, so I am sure we would get good use from this book :-)

  9. booksnyarn says:

    Cupcakes are the best for feeding the masses I call my family and friends. Plus they usually are a lot more fun – as this book so obviously demonstrates.

  10. lorimeeker says:

    brrraaaaaiinnnss… CUUUPPPCAAAKKKEE!!
    ggnuurrfffxx mee liikeyy cuuuppcaaakkeess annd BRRRAAAINNSSS!!! gahhhhrrrxxxsh
    mmmeee bbaaaakkkee CUUUPPPCAAAKKESSSS!!!! gaaaaahhhhrrraawwrr!!!

  11. lanejm says:

    oh man, I have a friend who is obsessed with zombies. He would be delighted if I whipped him up some spooky awesome cupcakes. Here’s hoping!

  12. Kristen says:

    This would so awesome to have! I do a Halloween party every year and I’m always on the look-out for new recipes to try out for desserts. I would love to have this book to help impress my friends, plus I’ll have more reasons to play with my new Wilton Ultimate toolkit :)

  13. says:

    Why would I like this book, you ask? I think it’s pretty obvious: zombies + cupcakes. What more is there to say? :)

  14. kraftygirl says:

    OMG! This book rocks!!! My 2 boys love to bake…especially cupcakes(they want to have their own bakeshop-for real)…This would be great! We have eternal Halloween in our we would use this year-round!!!! Sooo excited!!! =)

  15. fireygoddess says:

    super cool. I may actually bake this halloween!
    thanks for the motivation!

  16. Upir says:

    Zombies are coming to get me and I need a book like this so I can make cupcakes that will distract the zombies so I can get away! Please, oh please!!! They’ll get me if you don’t help!!!

  17. says:

    You should pick me, because my 10 year old son has developed an interest in baking and this would really appeal to him. Plus, it would restore my faith in random number generators if I were picked at random. :^)

  18. hotrodgal says:

    I love zombies (my entire hallway is zombie art) and baking, plus I make cupcakes for everyone on my street each Halloween. There are no kids on the street so we don’t get trick or treaters, so I reverse treat everyone! These would be quite the hit!

  19. JJ says:

    I would be the coolest wife / mom ever if I made these cupcakes for my husband and son. We saw this book at the local bookstore this week, and they were both geeking over it (as was I, ha!)

  20. says:

    Zombies and cupcakes are the best combination ever. And with Halloween right around the corner it would be a perfect thing to have. This is such a great idea, thank you for the chance to win it!

  21. ivoryh1632 says:

    I soooooooooo NEED this book!!!!! Not only am I obsessed with Halloween, zombies, and all things spooky, but my friends and I have zombie parties and dead celebrity parties all the time and I’m always the one in charge of snacks. I love cake decorating but I need new ideas for awsome amazing cupcakes. If I got this book, it would definately get used to death (pun of course intended).

  22. Stella says:

    I can’t even say how much I would love this. My zombie mouse cookies (for Christmas!) last year were a hit and now I need more ideas!

  23. papelhilo says:

    I love to cook and these would amaze my children !

  24. BabyBones says:

    First of all…Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Second of all..I’m an american girl living in Australia where Halloween isn’t a big holiday. I’ve been trying to find cute Halloween ideas to impress all of my Aussie friends and this would be perfect.

  25. dropdeaddusty says:

    I would LOVE to see my 6 year old’s reaction to these! I can just see her looking at me saying ‘are you tricking me???’ LOL!

  26. says:

    I would like this book because it is AWESOME! Creepy zombies cupcakes, it can’t get any better than this!
    Camila F.

  27. gimchi says:

    because it looks delicious, amazing AND zombified!

  28. Alicia says:

    I would love to have this book. I play a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game and make cupcakes for my gaming group for each session. I always try to make more interesting cupcakes but after years of playing I am running out of ideas!
    The DM or host of my group is also the host of a late night horror show and he would totally love zombiefied cupcakes. Getting in the good graces of the DM could save my character’s life. :)

  29. HagenMom says:

    What a great collection of inspiration

  30. rubymarilyn says:

    it combines my two favorite thing- cupcakes and zombies. i dont know what could be more perfect!

  31. says:

    To make the recipe with the bugs! Zombies and Egyptian scarabs all in one book? Too cool!!!!

  32. pieKnits says:

    We take Halloween pretty seriously in my neck of the woods. And being the resident baker would Love to make some creepy cakes to bring for parties!

  33. nmaki says:

    This book would be awesome for our family. We participate in all the local Zombie Walks as well as the Night of the Running Dead Zombie 5K just a few weeks ago to support cancer research.
    We also make a whole lot of fancy cupcakes.
    This book brings together our two great loves and favorite hobbies.
    Pick me :-)

  34. theforrestry says:

    What’s not to like? Cupcakes AND Zombies?!? Awesome…

  35. mimiro says:

    Just starting to get into baking, and what better companion for this than ghoulishly delicious cupcake recipes!

  36. FashionistaNot says:

    i just love making cupcakes! its not one i havent tried yet!

  37. amelia says:

    Zombies+cupcakes=Awesome and Win. Totally. If you don’t give me the book, I may have to buy it myself. And I’m not allowed to buy any more books until I buy a new bookshelf to hold them… and perhaps a larger apartment to hold them in. But I can totally win books… that’s different, right?

  38. Jenn Lucas says:

    I LOVE CUPCAKES and am tired of the same old boring recipes – this would be a great book to win!

  39. RuffleBottom says:

    I’d love to make these with my little girl! :)

  40. Cheri says:

    Two of my favorite things… Halloween and cupcakes. Why WOULDN’T I want this book?! ;D

  41. Elli says:

    I submit that you cannot!
    This would be a perfect addition to my cupcake collection!

  42. snaffy says:

    Whoa! These cupcakes look amazing and yummy! I would totally love making some creepy cakes for Halloween!

  43. gibegi says:

    I have been collecting cupcake books for some time, and enjoy making the “non-traditional” cupcakes I find recipes for. This book would be great to have to find some new and fun ideas!

  44. says:

    We go to an annual h’ween party and need to spice up our yearly offering– this certainly would do the trick!

  45. says:

    We go to an annual h’ween party and need to up our yearly offering, this certainly would do the trick!

  46. Beckysews says:

    My first date with BillHubby was to see the re-make of “Dawn of the Dead.” We dress as Zombies at Hallowe’en and watch every bad horror flick known to mankind. This book would help me make fabulous treats for movie time!

  47. thea says:

    I’ve been pining for this book for awhile now…I’m an aspiring cupcake bakery owner, making baked goods out of my little house for now!

  48. GinaG says:

    Brains in cupcakes, yummy. Make good zombie treat so I won’t eat the Halloweeners – help save the Halloweeners by sending me cupcake book, with brain sauce. yummy.

  49. says:

    It’s too funny not to try some of those things out! Plus I went through heck trying to get my open id correct. :)

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