Brew, Charge, Play: New Items in the Maker Shed!

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Brew, Charge, Play: New Items in the Maker Shed!

beer making

Thirsty for new products?  The Maker Shed online store is a tall, refreshing glass of cool items for the entire family.  If your passion is craft brewing, you’re in luck!  We recently received a slew of products that will kickstart a hobby in beer making.  We have Bruxelles Blonde, Chestnut Brown Ale, and Everyday IPA, for the folks that like a little extra hoppiness in their brews.  Each kit contains all the supplies needed for the fermentation of one gallon of delicious beer.  Though the supplies for bottling are not included in the kit, Brooklyn Brew offers a supplemental pack that contains a Bottle Capper and 50 Bottle Caps.  Start saving your (sterilized!) beer bottles, and you’ll be brewing your own beer in no time.


While you’re lounging on the porch with your home-brewed beer, you may find that your phone battery is alarmingly low.  No worries, the Maker Shed just got in folding solar cells!  These convenient items can charge any USB device, and come in 5W, 7W, and 10W varieties.  With the 10W USB Compact Folding Solar Cell, your typical smartphone will be fully charged in only 1-2 hours, and with an output of 2 Amps it can also quickly charge tablets and eReaders.  With their compact size and foldability, each are easily stowed in a backpack or book bag and can go wherever you do.

littlebits premium

For the smaller people in your life, littleBits are an excellent introduction to electronics.  Visually appealing, LittleBits are color-coded kits that allow kids (and parents) to play with electronic components without the hassle of soldering, programming, or wiring.  For instance, the littleBits Premium Kit is a collection of 14 modules that magnetically snap together to create combinations that dim, buzz, blink, etc.  The Premium Kit allows kids to experiment with items such as vibration motors, pressure sensors, and sound triggers.  The included manual is easy to digest and contains many ideas for projects.


Finally, we are excited to have a line of Nootropic Design items in the Maker Shed.  Among them, there are explosive items like the Defusable Alarm Clock Kit, which will surely wake you up in the morning.  If you don’t trim the right wire, you’ll be in for a world of noise!

Featured here is Nootropic’s Hackvision Kit, a gaming platform based on Arduino.  Hackvision networks directly to your television with standard RCA connections. You can write any game you dream up, and Hackvision also comes standard with Pong and Space Invaders. What’s not to love? You can also create your own controllers, although Hackvision is compatible with other game controllers, including but not limited to the Wii Nunchuk and SuperNES.  Bring your imagination back to the gaming world with the Hackvision Kit.

With all the new products arriving in the Maker Shed just in time for the holidays, you should take the time to look at these and other new items in the Shed and see if there is something perfect for you or the ones you love!

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