Celebrating Raspberry Pi’s Birthday with Cake

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Celebrating Raspberry Pi’s Birthday with Cake

The photo above beautifully combines two things I really like a lot: Raspberry Pi and cake. To celebrate the Raspberry Pi’s first birthday, our friends at Element-14 presented an enormous Raspberry Pi-shaped cake to Pete Lomas from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Andrew Robinson, the creator of the PiFace. Element-14, one of the official distributors of the popular development board, also awarded them the community award for most innovative product while at Embedded World Conference. Congratulations and enjoy the cake!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Raspberry Pi’s Birthday with Cake

  1. Allie Patchell (@AlliePatchell) says:

    For all the Raspberry Pi fans out there looking to get their hand one of these, there’s a short video competition you can enter.
    Competition page: https://www.facebook.com/123regfans?v=app_202991206406825
    Submissions end March 15.

  2. ScareCorp says:

    Happy Birthday to you PI, or wait or is it, weren’t you born on a leap year?
    oh well I love this product, there are so many use cases for it, from gaming to web browsing to using it with xbmc software and if you have a smart phone device you can control it as well. the only down side that i have with the devise is that i would like to see a 1Gig Ethernet port with it, i am sure that they will be making a model that might have that.

    I have a small un-boxing and First Impressions video if anyone is also interested in see this device.




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