Cupcake Class at Brooklyn Kitchen

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Last night The Brooklyn Kitchen held a cupcake class, and our friend Michelle Kempner was there to catch the action.

The class was really cool. The teacher showed us how to make two types of cupcakes and then gave us lots of decorating tools and types of frostings (ganache, fondant, buttercream, etc.) and had us go to work decorating the cupcakes.

I think they came out great! Photo by Dessert-o-licious, who also wrote about the class:

I learned a new technique for filling cupcakes which I used on almost all of them. I cut a hole in the center using a small spatula and dug out a well in the middle. I then filled that in with either the pastry cream or the passion fruit curd and covered the hole back up with a little piece of the cupcake I had removed. I also got to use fondant for the first time. I practiced rolling it out and cutting it with small plunger cutters. I’ve never actually tasted fondant before because people had always told me how bad it tasted. I have to say, in small bits, the chocolate one wasn’t bad!

Upcoming events at The Brooklyn Kitchen include the third annual cupcake cookoff, seasonal cheese tasting, and a fondant workshop.


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