Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

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Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
By Jennifer Perkins and Chris Boehk

Every fall my husband Chris whips up a batch of his world famous pumpkin pie ice cream! This year we served it at a Halloween party and are planning to take it to a Thanksgiving potluck! Since this is his special fall creation, I let him write up the instructions and I took the pictures!


3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 large can pumpkin pie mix
10 oz package of shortbread cookies


Electric mixer
Ice cream maker
10 lb. bag of ice
1 box ice cream salt


Pumpkinicecream Step1
In the Kitchen
Step 1:
Put the ice cream can in your freezer to get cold. This helps the ice cream to harden quicker when it’s in the maker.
In a big bowl, blend the eggs, cream, milk, sugar, and pumpkin pie mix using an electric mixer. Remember pumpkin comes in more than a can. If you prefer to make your pumpkin pie filling from scratch, knock yourself out. Pour this mixture into your cold ice cream can.
Pumpkinpieicecream Step2
On The Porch
Step 2: I like to do this part outside because it can get messy with the ice and salt. In Austin, you can do this outside anytime of the year because it doesn’t get very cold. If you live up north, you may want to reconsider that considering it is November, after all.
Put the ice cream can into the ice cream maker, fill the sides alternately with a layer of ice, then a layer of salt, then a layer of ice, etc. until it’s filled to the top. Plug it in and let it do its thing. Add more ice and salt every time the level starts to drop.
Pumpkinpieicecream Step3
Step 3: How long it takes to set up depends on several things. Most importantly, the amount of salt you use. Be extremely liberal with it otherwise your ice cream will never harden. And, as mentioned above, outside temperature also affects this. Ideally, anywhere from 20-45 minutes should do it. You’ll know when your ice cream is done because the bucket will stop on its own.
Pumpkinpieicecream Step4
Don’t Forget the Crust!

Step 4: While your pumpkin pie ice cream is churning, you can get the “crust” ready. Dump the package of cookies in bowl and break them up with a fork or spoon. When your ice cream is done churning, transfer the ice cream from the can to some sort of plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Once you have made the transfer, stir all of your broken cookie bits into your ice cream.
Pumpkipieicecream Step5
Post-Dinner Delight

Step 5: You can eat the ice cream right away or put it in the freezer for later savoring. I would recommend eating this after you’ve spent all day stuffing yourself with proteins and starches.
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About the Authors:
Author Jenniferp Chris Boehk
Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club and Chris Boehk are a happily married couple living in Austin, Texas. When not making ice cream they enjoy playing with their daughter, walking their dogs, crafting, and watching The Rockford Files.

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