How-To: Oat-Free, Grain-Free Trail Bars

Food & Beverage

Jan DiCintio of Daisy Jane shares a tasty-looking recipe for these oat-free, grain free trail bars.

Why no grains? The answer is multi-layered, but here’s the basic idea. We work hard and workout harder – we live life fully and need foods that keep us feeling light and spry. Through experimenting with our diet, we observed that grain foods tend to make us feel full, bloated and lethargic. Although we’ve always eaten healthfully, we still felt like there was something else – something we weren’t getting right – that would allow us to harness and maintain regular energy levels rather than sapping them. In addition, I have an intolerance to grains, esp oats, that had worsened markedly this past year. I cut out all grains to see if my symptoms were alleviated, and wow – what a difference! Symptoms gone and tons of energy to boot! We don’t miss it at all!

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