Toothsome Treat: Make a Shark Fruit Bowl from a Watermelon

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Toothsome Treat: Make a Shark Fruit Bowl from a Watermelon

watermelon shark

Watermelon is one of the best treats for summer; it’s tasty and very refreshing on a hot day. You could just dice it up and serve it or you could transform it into a delicious and decorative shark fruit bowl! Mike Warren came up with this fun way to serve your watermelon and it is pretty easy to carve.

While making watermelons into edible centerpieces isn’t really a new idea (you can find watermelons shaped to look baskets all over the internet), I really like the interesting shape of this one. Also, it is easy to recreate while still being fun.

watermelon rind

Like many other watermelon sculptures, this project starts by cutting a slice off of one end so you have a nice flat base for your watermelon to sit on. Once you have that done, you need to cut the shape of the mouth out. This is the hardest part, in my opinion, as you need to shave off the green part of the rind so the white part shows through, and also cut out the shape of the teeth. Once you cross that hurdle, you are almost done and ready to stuff this guy full of delicious fruits.

This watermelon would look great on its own, but Warren went the extra mile and made up some blue jell-o to surround his shark. To add just a little bit extra, he threw in some candy fish to swim in that jell-o water which really completes the look.

watermelon shark with fruit to stuff

This fun watermelon fruit bowl is great to stick out at your summer picnics. It’s full of refreshing fruits and is bound to bring a smile to your guests’ faces. And, if you’ve been keeping up with Shark Week, this is a great centerpiece for your finale party this weekend.

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