Shark Attack Cupcake Mountain

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Spotted in the CRAFT Flickr pool: these cupcakes on a fancy stand are arranged to look like water with ravenous sharks preying on swimmers, by user Moogieland. Save me a severed foot!

14 thoughts on “Shark Attack Cupcake Mountain

  1. Huh says:

    That’s just gross. :|

  2. Patti Schiendelman says:

    Gross, but a funny and yummy kind of gross. :)

  3. Meghan says:

    Those are not an original creation – the sharks are from the book Hello, Cupcake! You can visit the book online at

  4. Huh says:

    not “Gross, but a funny and yummy kind of gross. :)”
    just gross
    . (period)
    :| :| :|

  5. Anonymous says:

    Her blog acknowledges that the shark cupcake idea came from Hello, Cupcake but the molded candy hands and feet are her own design.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This cake made to order for

  7. Louis says:

    How would sharks be attacking on a mountain? Am I missing something there?

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