9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Gets Flashmobbed

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Nirvan says: “I just finished this short film about a 9-year-old boy’s elaborate DIY cardboard arcade. Caine made his arcade using boxes from his dad’s used auto parts store. He hadn’t had many customers, so we set up a fun flashmob to make his day, and filmed his response. I hope it brings a smile to your day. P.S. Caine’s Arcade is in East LA. You should visit it sometime – Caine is still building new additions!”

72 thoughts on “9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Gets Flashmobbed

  1. anthony collins says:

    thats cool

  2. Caine’s Cardboard Arcade says:

    […] saw this on Makezine.com and thought it was totally awesome. I’m currently building a game room into my garage for LAN […]

  3. Clay says:

    That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen. I’m speechless… What a great thing you did for Caine…

  4. Carole Musgrave says:

    Caine, how awesome what you have done. God Bless you

  5. cde says:

    This kid will own Chucke Cheese in like 15 years.

  6. Chris Turvey says:

    Best use of a Flashmob yet!

  7. Stacy Vlasits (@stacyvlasits) says:

    Congrats, Caine and Nirvan! Oh, and thanks for making my life better.

  8. PAULA says:


  9. Samantha Conway says:

    I just got done making a cardboard box house with my 2 year old last night after we installed our new dishwasher. In my blog I commented how a simple cardboard box and a little imagination can provide hours of entertainment for a child. When I saw this video today, it was a perfect way to start the day. It is so great to see kids today that have imaginations like this and parents that support it. I think Caine is an Engineer in the making :) I wish him and his father a great future, and I hope Caine never loses that spirit!

  10. Gregg L says:

    Very cool. Heartwarming.

  11. pete says:

    This is awesome. Goosebumps and Happy Tears (almost).

  12. Cynthia says:

    What an amazing kid! Nirvan is awesome. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy child. This made my day.

  13. Lawgo says:

    Hats off to Caine for his tenacity and Nirvan for his ability to tell a story. Telling a story to convey empathy is not easy, but done well is so friggin powerful.

  14. Cyen says:

    Great Film! Super proud of Caine! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and yes that’s dust in my eye.

  15. ISA says:

    Just amazing i have no words, big hug from Spain!!

  16. RAIDERRUSS says:

    What a great kid. We still have kids out here that use their mind and resources to make a positive mark on our world. Great job Caine

  17. Zossimov says:

    Caine, ingenuity is a trait of all great engineers.

    Nirvan, thank you for sharing such an amazing young citizen.

    Simply awesome!!!

  18. markevens says:

    man tears

  19. 9-Year-Old Builds a Cardboard Arcade And Gets Flashmobbed With Customers [Video] says:

    […] (MAKE via Craftzine) […]

  20. Paulo Tobin says:

    Thank you. Very sweet film. Amazing young chap. He’ll go far. And good on his Dad too for encouraging him like that.

  21. Sonya says:

    How beautiful and uplifting!

  22. 9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Gets Flashmobbed says:

    […] Via blog.makezine.com […]

  23. Tristan Louis says:

    If only someone could get this kid, his dad, and the arcade to Maker Faire….

  24. Sheryl Nassif says:

    Great job Caine! Keep up & you will be famous someday – but you already are famous!!

  25. winter ann young says:

    SWEET so SWEET Caines smile is worth every tear I shed

  26. Dennis Parr says:

    Loved it! I have been telling my 4 kids all through thier life growing up to never-never under-estimate their imagination …. I’m going to be sharing this video with them VERY SOON.

  27. MAKE | Tomorrow: Saturday, April 21: Young Makers/Open MAKE at the Exploratorium says:

    […] the event is  viral video star Caine Monroy, creator of Caine’s Arcade, and filmmaker Nirvan. Caine will display his cardboard arcade in the Tinkering Studio and you […]

  28. Edward Pollard says:

    My brother and I made a spaceship cockpit with a big box and used milk jug caps and other stuff for indicators. It was fun on a rainy day!

  29. Caine’s Arcade | this positive life says:

    […] 9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Gets Flashmobbed (makezine.com) […]

  30. STEM TECH 2012 says:

    Reblogged this on STEM – ROBOTICS EDUCATION.

  31. Microdot says:

    Great story. I agree Cain is a genius!

    My little brother used to do things like this when we were younger, some 25+ years ago. He passed away last year from cancer. I’d completely forgotton. Thank You, Caine, for triggering the memory!

  32. stickyrice43 says:

    awwo!! how adorable!! its nice too see such a clever, imaginative, and dedicated kid. especially how he treats it like a real business :3 responsible at such a young age. most kids today are mindless blobs playing video games and watching tv all day. this kid’s actually making his own games, and showing professionalism xD reminds me of myself back in the day. a little inventor :)

  33. sally says:

    aw, adorable. i made an entire fleet of cardboard boats when i was a kid. i just got beat for making a mess. where’s my engineering school fund?

  34. Dan says:

    What a great story…so glad it’s available to view (Thanks) ! Dad, you deserve a lot of credit for keeping up your Pop’s storefront and passing it on, love that tradition. Caine, you deserve a lot of credit for using your creativity and ingenuity to pick up the flag and run with it. Be proud of yourself and your rarity in today’s world, and good luck to you, but you won’t need it. People like you will make their own luck…all good !

  35. MAKE | Making a Red Bull F1 Car with Cardboard says:

    […] the rest of the world, I got kind of swept up in Caine’s arcade last year. It was great to meet him as part of the Young Makers program at the Exploratorium in San […]

  36. Making a Red Bull F1 Car with Cardboard says:

    […] the rest of the world, I got kind of swept up in Caine’s arcade last year. It was great to meet him as part of the Young Makers program at the Exploratorium in San […]

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