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A Maker Wedding
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A wedding invitation, in the form of a record, pressed with a song written by the bride and groom.

Software developer Phil Tucker of Toronto went all out for his wedding, creating some awesome personalized projects: rustic Edison-style hanging light fixtures, an animated Arduino LED matrix lounge table top, vinyl “flexi” record wedding invitations (complete with a lovely acoustic song the couple wrote themselves, called “Invited”), and even a bachelor party wireless accelerometer Stab-O-Meter, named after the Futurama character Roberto, the stabbing robot. He made a wireless accelerometer to measure “the speed and impact of various activities such as swinging a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, a hatchet, a tennis racket — get the idea?”

Phil also made an XBee remote relay as photobooth RF camera trigger — he ended up axing this plan at the last minute, just to reduce complexity, but, he says, “The theory is sound and it worked quite well for days in my living room, taking shot after shot of me and my fiancee lounging on our couch.”

The commitment and hard work he put into these wedding projects bodes well for his marriage!

Phil gave us a heads up about his wedding projects on Make: Page 2, our user-generated MAKE blog feed. If you have a project you’d like to share, please do!

Check out all of Phil’s wedding projects:

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