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We’ve mentioned Indian maker Arvind Gupta’s clever and charming work before, in both the magazine and here online. If you haven’t seen his videos and website, you’re in for a treat. In this time of giant big-box store plastic monster toys that kids will likely play with for the entire duration of Christmas day and then banish to the island of abandoned toys, it’s nice to be reminded that some of the cooler playthings are the ones you bodge together yourself.

arvindguptatoys YouTube channel

Arvind Gupta Toys website

12 thoughts on “Arvind Gupta’s toys from trash

  1. Vinod Upreti says:

    very nice and wonderful….

  2. Vinod Upreti says:

    very nice and wonderful….

  3. Vinod Upreti says:

    very nice and wonderful….

  4. Kaustubh dikshit says:

    Sir i saw the vedio of making engine, but i can’t understand the construction of heat shrink &piston displacer ? so plz help me

  5. sanee says:

    i did not understand the way you did the dc motor. when i tried, it did not work.

  6. sandip says:

    Nice and wonderful

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