Bike co-ops in L.A. and beyond

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Here’s a short piece about challenging car-dominated car culture (and, to a lesser degree, high-priced bike shops) in an unlikely city:

(via Treehugger)

We’ve got the Yellow Bike Project in Austin
, which has suspended its bike-earning program while building out a new space but has kept a very-respectable commnity bike repair shop in action. What does your community have to help denizens create their own green transportation?

4 thoughts on “Bike co-ops in L.A. and beyond

  1. BigD145 says:

    There used to be a yellow bike organization in the the pacific northwest city of Bellingham. It failed. Theft became a problem and it all shut down. California is so much worse on theft than Washington ever could be.

    I can’t see this as much of a good thing. It’s bad enough just driving through LA, but biking behind the exhaust of a semi or SUV? *cough*hack*lungfailure*

  2. Wonko says:

    Bicycle culture is the next wave of human mobility culture. We’re going to have to suck tail pipe for a little while longer while we wait for the price of fuel to outpace the average American’s ability to afford it. That’s too bad to be sure, but this is happening and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    Add to the above that the bicycle is the *only* readymade mobility solution to-date that can move through all our contemporary mobility infrastructure. We’re not retrofitting busses or clearing land for trains when we ride our bikes. There’s no need for advanced mining or carbon sequestering techniques to make this technology an everyday reality.

    I wish, oh how I wish, that there was something like this near me.

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