Bike co-ops in L.A. and beyond

Here’s a short piece about challenging car-dominated car culture (and, to a lesser degree, high-priced bike shops) in an unlikely city: (via Treehugger) We’ve got the Yellow Bike Project in Austin, which has suspended its bike-earning program while building out a new space but has kept a very-respectable commnity bike repair shop in action. What […]

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Austin Event: Frankenbike

(image courtesy Austin Bike Zoo) Apologies for the late notice, but there’s a Frankenbike Saturday: FrankenBike # 37 9am-7pm @ the Austin Bike Zoo @ 1706 E. 17th St 78702 Frankenbike is basically a big, cool bike part swap meet; good article about it here. Austin Bike Zoo does some amazing stuff,so swing by and […]

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Tall Bike Extravaganza

When there’s one quality how-to on something you’re interested in, you may or may not build it. But, when you hit around half a dozen well-documented builds, it gets a lot harder to put the project off. (Image from Rat Patrol) Such is the case with me and tall bikes: Building a better tall bike. […]

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