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I was surprised when I met Anthony for the first time at the 2012 Barbot competition in San Francisco. This guy was part of the Lego Mindstorm team. How cool is that! Not only does he know how BlackMakerMonth_Badgeto make cool stuff with Legos, but he actually makes Legos. I appreciated the use of not one, but two Mindstorms for the TipsyBot that Anthony built. I’m not sure it made my drink taste any better, but it was pretty fun to see. Anthony’s LinkedIn profile doesn’t say much about him or what he’s making, so we’ll just have to wait until Barbot 2013 to see what he’s up to! Here’s what Anthony does:

  • Producer and designer with over 10 years of experience bringing interactive products to market.
  • Focused on creating fun, innovative products that promote intelligent use of technology as entertainment.
  • Specialist in social game design, casual game design, toy design, kid-friendly user interfaces, educational product design, rapid prototyping (both software and hardware), consumer robotics.

26 thoughts on “Black Maker Month: Anthony Fudd

  1. Mark Simonelli says:

    Can’t we leave race out of anything? Are we going to have an Asian Maker Month and an Indian Maker Month? How about a Female Maker Month and a Transgender Maker Month? Can we have a Aborigine Maker Month and a Latino Maker Month? There are only 12 months. I’m sure we can fill them all. I’m sure Anthony is a competent “maker”. By highlighting him under the banner of “Black”, you degrade him. He probably stands out amonst all his peers…not just black makers.

    1. mexoplex says:

      How is being highlighted as a black maker degrading?
      And if we had a Asian, Transgender, Hispanic, etc Month…… will you complain about that too? Honestly I read these articles based on the project and it’s always a titillating bonus to know that the maker looks like me. When the featured maker looks like someone else, do you see me commenting about what his title is? No. I wish there were Asian, transgender, Hispanic Maker months… why not? Who’s it going to hurt?
      Geez, its an article you’re not being forced to read. You clicked on the link FULLY knowing what the article is about. If you’re not interested, why go out of your way to condemn it?
      Go ‘Murica!

      1. Mark Simonelli says:

        You are right. I knew where the post was headed. So what project did you learn about? I didn’t learn a thing other than a black man is doing some cool stuff. I’m not surprised. Are you?

        1. mexoplex says:

          if that’s all you learned then that’s all you will.

    2. ShortZirkIt says:

      I agree, if we have grown past racism, doesen’t having ‘Black Makers Month’ bring back racism? Can’t we let people be people?

  2. Lux Lee says:

    Tipsy makes screw driver.

  3. ImBlack says:

    More of Kipp’s poorly thought out, Black Makers Affirmative Action month. These projects are special because the maker has as a skin color that is black, evidentlly not because of any great project that they have made.

    Remember, black makers have to have a special month because….? Well, I’m just not really cretain why they have to be treated so special. I guess that being black means you are more special than anyone else?

    Just two more days to go Kipp! Keep shoving skin color in our face!

    1. mexoplex says:

      The effort and thought you put into that post only amplifies your ignorance. Who made you click the link : Black Maker Month: Anthony Fudd ?

  4. Sky Masterson says:

    I gather Blacks can not stand on their own, they need to have special days or months even devoted to them? How degrading.

    1. mexoplex says:

      I gather you are a very plain and lonely man.

    2. mexoplex says:

      Btw, I thought you were leaving….

  5. Aldria Walker says:

    Thank you, Kipp for this series. As I mentioned in a prior post, this matters, in a special way, to some people. Not everyone is going to understand why you did this, but rest assured, there are those of us who do understand and appreciate the effort.

    1. mexoplex says:

      Here Here!
      Thank you Kipp!

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