Confusingly Adorable Lego AT-AT

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Confusingly Adorable Lego AT-AT

By Flickr user MacLane, for a recent contest on Lego Star Wars enthusiast-site From Bricks to Bothans.

12 thoughts on “Confusingly Adorable Lego AT-AT

  1. Raul Castro says:

    So cute! XD

  2. Matt Richardson says:

    Confusingly adorable indeed! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. migpics says:

    That rocks. It looks like Luke is chaning the oil!

  4. Adam Eyring says:

    It’s small enough that someone with just a few Lego sets could reconstruct (albeit some bricks won’t be the desired color) without do the original big one. Nice!

  5. xach says:

    AKA “Pixar Superstar Angus MacLane.” Check him on

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