Daleks, Ninja Turtles, and More Geeky Easter Egg Creations

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Daleks, Ninja Turtles, and More Geeky Easter Egg Creations

The first day of Spring has already arrived, which means that Easter is just around the bend! You may have always associated Easter with pastel colors and chocolate bunnies. In reality, there are lots of awesome, geeky ways you can celebrate the holiday by making some creative and unique Easter Eggs! If you’re tired of the traditional painted egg, check out the list below; it contains 4 DIY ideas to make your Easter geekier and more creative than ever.

Dalek Easter Eggs

dalek 2

All Whovians will want to check out this DIY Dalek Easter Egg. Flickr user PugnoM walks us through the technique of applying wax to the egg before dyeing it in order to preserve those perfectly precise white lines. Make a dozen Dalek Easter Eggs to create a whole army — just but be wary if you suddenly hear the word “Eggsterminate!”

Angry Bird Easter Eggs

angry birds

Forget the traditional Easter chick. Why not make Angry Bird eggs this year? Instructables.com brings you a simple recipe to create your own set of Angry eggs. All you’ll need besides eggs is a pot, bowl, acrylic paints, paint brushes, ice cubes, and a strainer. The instructions show you step-by-step how to paint your favorite birds or pigs — you’ll just have to put down your electronics and stop playing the game in order to do it!

Super Mario Easter Eggs

super mario

For the more artistically-advanced Nintendo nerds out there, Instructables.com offers a guide to creating your own Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs. The process involves using a wide range of acrylic paints, sharpies, and lead pencils to draw on the faces of your favorite characters from the classic game. The guide reminds you to hard boil the eggs first, but not to eat them once you’ve painted them with acrylic paint (these eggs do NOT have Yoshi inside, unfortunately).

Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs


If you want a project that’s really simple but effective, try making Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs (found here on Lemon Lime Adventures). All you’ll need to finish them is googly eyes, colored tape, glue, and green plastic Easter eggs. Try getting your hands on red, orange, purple and blue colors to end up with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

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