DIY Gameplay on the Mignonette AVR platform

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DIY Gameplay on the Mignonette AVR platform

Mignonette Play

Evil Mad Scientist Labs introduces the Mignonette AVR gaming platform, developed by Rolf van Widenfelt, Mitch Altman, and EMS’ own Windell Oskay

The Mignonette is designed to be easy to assemble, and uses a rather minimal set of components– the AVR microcontroller, the LED display, and a pair of ULN2003A transistor driver chips for the LEDs. Besides these core components there are also four gameplay buttons, a 6-pin ISP connector for using your AVR programmer, a 2xAA battery holder, and a simple speaker. The schematic and bill of materials are available at the Mignonette project download page.

Seems to be the most straight-forward gaming handheld yet, definitely a great way to dig into AVR coding. I’ve built one of the kits myself – the default program reminded me how challenging and fun simple gameply can be. Chris Brookfield already wrote a side-scroller title for the system, available for download @ the project’s site.

As Windell explains, The low part count makes the Mignonette an easy project to build – even without a kit/PCB. From there, one could add/swap parts and tailor it to their own liking. I could imagine vibration/rumble feature wouldn’t be hard to implement.

70 bits of gaming goodness @ EMSL

Mignonette Game Project

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