DIY Plastic Toy Necklace

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DIY Plastic Toy Necklace


Got a few plastic toys laying around that you’d like to turn into a necklace or ornament? Take a look at this super easy DIY plastic toy necklace tutorial from Rookie to make those toys into functional adornments in a flash!

[vimeo 113568190 w=640 h=360]

I don’t actually play with my toys anymore. But after seeing a really moving documentary called Toy Story 3, I realized my toys might want me to engage with them. So in an effort to make sure my little figurines don’t feel neglected, I started turning them into necklaces. Now I can carry them with me all day and keep them close to my heart.

It’s funny that wanting to engage with toys led to screwing eye-hooks into them, but that’s irrelevant to the utility of this handy tutorial!

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