How-To: Fixed Gear Bike Mudguard

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How-To: Fixed Gear Bike Mudguard


If you’re not using your bike’s rear drilled brake bridge, you could try BillieGene’s Instructable for a recycled rear mudguard. It mounts to the brake bridge to keep your fixie from flinging mud up your back, which is a must for early springtime biking.

4 thoughts on “How-To: Fixed Gear Bike Mudguard

  1. craig says:

    I was a bicycle tech for 12 years. Never on my laziest day would I affix a fender or any accessory on my bike let alone instruct others, with hot glue. By utilizing a spoke hole, a small angle iron could have it affixed to the brake bracket with 100% bolts like it should. Even with the brake caliper in place, remove the nylon locknut, slip the angle iron hole through the threadded stud, reinstall the nut.

    1. Becky Stern says:

      Thanks for the constructive criticism, that’s a really good suggestion! Another easy change would be to use epoxy instead of hot glue, which sets much harder/stronger than hot glue.

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