How-To: Rudolf Imposters for Your Table

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How-To: Rudolf Imposters for Your Table


It’s that time of year where you start to see red noses popping up everywhere– and not just on people with colds. Everyone’s dressing up like their favorite reindeer, Rudolf.

I’ve seen some very creative plastic toy hacks in the past, but this one takes on a fun Christmastime feel that will bring a bit of whimsy to your table, or mantle, or even your cake!


Chanel Dror has created this lovely tutorial on how to put together your own Rudolf imposter. Head on over to the lifestyle blog, Camille Styles for the full how-to.

This project only requires a few materials, one of which you might find while rummaging through your kid’s toy box. Or if that fails, the dollar store is your best bet.


Want to take it up a notch? Try adding a red LED as the nose instead of glitter.


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