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FurGots on Craftster made a plush Hobbes, from the comic Calvin & Hobbes. In only 3 hours! I like his serious face. She says:

After a conversation with my friend, who dressed up as “Calvin” for Halloween, I got around to thinking…. it would be awfully neat to make a Hobbes stuffed animal. With all due respect to Mr. Watterson, who never licensed his characters to toy makers, I decided to make one of my own out of appreciation for the comic.


6 thoughts on “Plush Hobbes

  1. Handmade flowers says:

    I love this and I can make it. Thank you!

  2. Faith says:

    Hi! I would LOVE a pattern for this, as I am trying to make one of these for my best friend. I need to make it within the next week! Could you possibly show me all of the parts of Hobbes separately? Thanks!

  3. Laura Cochrane says:

    Hi Faith! You should get in touch with the maker, FurGots on The link is in the post above. I don’t know whether she has images & specs on each part individually, but the photo on Craftster is definitely a good place to start.
    Good luck, and have fun!

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