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MZ_GeekChic_BadgeOne of my HacDC cohort, Erica Kane, did the Speed Vest project from MAKE Volume 19. We’re always thrilled when people do the projects in the magazine, document their builds, and share the results with us. Erica details her build on her family blog. She writes in email:

As you suggested, I blogged about the experience, and there are lots of photos including a video (above) of me riding with it at night. This was my first electronics project, so I went into detail on each step, showing how a newbie like me figured out certain things, and explaining why I decided to change certain elements of the published plan.

My version is slightly different than the original. It shows even speeds as well as odd, it has a robust project enclosure, and the serial Arduino pins have been left untouched so that a wireless speed sensor can be used in the future.

Great job, Erica!


From MAKE magazine:
make volume 19 cover.gif
In MAKE, Volume 19: Robots, Rovers, and Drones, learn how to make a model plane with an autopilot and a built-in robot brain. We’ll also show you how to make a comfortable chair and footstool out of a single sheet of plywood, a bicyclist’s vest that shows how fast you’re going, and projects that introduce you to servomotors. All this, and lots more, in MAKE, Volume 19! Subscribe here, or buy the issue in the Maker Shed.

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