Steampunk Controller is all Brass and Burl

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Steampunk Controller is all Brass and Burl

This XBox 360 controller was built by a certain Minister Morbid, who even included a brass lock and key for the highest in Steampunk gamer exclusivity. The piece is finished with antique burl wood, and even has leather grips for that authentic Victorian feel while you mash those buttons. [via Geeky Gadgets]


4 thoughts on “Steampunk Controller is all Brass and Burl

  1. Phlamingo says:

    Hmm.  That looks like straight-grained wood, not burl.  Good-looking controller, but burl wood doesn’t look like that.

    1. MegaOuh says:

      Hello mister Wood! If they say its burl wood and they maked the controller i think they know better then you =) Goodbye mister Wood

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