Sugru Blows Typical Water Pistols Out Of The Water

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Sugru Blows Typical Water Pistols Out Of The Water
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How the heck to you make something like Sugru fun and exciting? That is a difficult task for anyone, but the geniuses managed to pull it off. They used Sugru to cobble together the most ridiculously over the top DIY squirt gun possible.


Patterned after a rotating Gatling gun, the Sugru water pistol has 6 barrels which they’ve filled with colored liquid for a nice effect in the video. It looks like they managed to get multiple shots from each barrel too! I wouldn’t want to have to go up against this in a squirt gun fight.

While the gun itself is quite impressive, what we really love about this is the fact that they put just as much effort into documenting their real process of hacking this thing together. This wasn’t some professional engineering firm it was Alex Bygrave, a tinkerer and maker who has a workshop at a makerspace called Makerversity. Alex ended up using Sugru in all types of manners here. There’s functional parts like pistons and injectors as well as more simple things like a custom molded grip.

If you want to see more pictures and explanation, you can check out the entire writeup of the project. Of course you may find yourself inspired, and if you are, I think I might know where you could find some Sugru.

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0 thoughts on “Sugru Blows Typical Water Pistols Out Of The Water

  1. Daniel Fleck says:

    Wish I could have seen some of the action in real time. Slo-mo is awesome and all, but at that speed a revolving barrel isn’t that exciting at all. How fast does this thing spin?

  2. RonJohn says:

    What would be *really* awesomer than a water gun would be a water gun connected to a 1-gal water bottle (would have to be heavy plastic) and foot-pump-pressurized compressed air tanks strapped to your back.

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