What Are Your Favorite Last-Minute Halloween Costumes?

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What Are Your Favorite Last-Minute Halloween Costumes?

The greatest last-minute Halloween costumes hit the trifecta: quick, cheap, and easy. We want to hear from you, esteemed MAKE reader: What are the best last-minute Halloween costumes you’ve seen? Please share ideas in the comments section (and even better if you can include a link to a photo or tutorial).

Last year, Gareth posted a nice collection of last-minute Halloween costumes. Here are a couple from last year’s lineup:

A spike through your stomach. Classic.
A spike through your stomach. Classic.
A Lego brick costume requires only a box, some plastic bowls, and some paint.
A Lego brick costume requires only a box, some plastic bowls, and paint.

10 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Last-Minute Halloween Costumes?

  1. Trav says:

    I went as a “flasher” one year. Put on shorts, shirt and a trench coat. Took an old hot-shoe flash from a film camera and hung it around my neck. Ran wires from the shoe contacts to a switch in my pocket. When I would open y coat, I would “flash” people with the camera flash.

    1. Laura Cochrane says:

      Ha! That’s great, I love it. Do you have a photo?

      1. Henry says:

        If he did, it would probably be overexposed…

        1. Laura Cochrane says:


  2. John Talarico (@jifka) says:

    When I was in college I threw a Halloween party at my apartment and I kept black and white makeup at the door. If anyone showed up without a costume, they were deemed “dead” then were given a white face and large black eye holes.

    1. Laura Cochrane says:

      That’s a good idea. In the same vein, my grandfather used to throw “hat parties” where everyone was meant to wear a hat. But he had a bunch on hand, in case someone didn’t come wearing one.

  3. Enki says:

    Large safety pin, spirit gum. Clip off the sharp arm of the safety pin and bend the remaining arm (with head) a bit to give it a slight curve (perpendicular to the plane of the head). Then glue to cheek, nose, eyebrow, anywhere–it looks convincingly like a large safety pin stuck through you. Especially with a bit of red marker where the cut ends “go in”.

  4. gdkonstantine says:

    Put a capital “H” on your forehead and you have become the character “Rimmer” from the sci-fi comedy “Red Dwarf”. (Try an image search for “Rimmer Red Dwarf” to see what I mean.)

  5. Robert K (@ROB_636) says:

    One year I went as quail man for a underwater pumpkin carving contest. The goal is to carve a pumpkin underwater about 35ft down with scuba gear with the water usually around 45*F. Fun part is getting the pumpkin down that far, because it likes to float…..

    I got 3rd in the costume contest and 1st in the pumpkin carving.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/20102150@N06/6296917806/ My pumpkin that won.

    1. Laura Cochrane says:

      That sounds like a challenge! How did you keep the pumpkin down and steady while you carved?

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