World Maker Faire NY: $22.50 kit turns Arduino into retro video game

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Available only at World Maker Faire NY this weekend, Wayne and Layne’s just-launched Video Game Shield turns your Arduino into a TV video game system. You can clone retro games like PONG in 100 lines of code, and you can even get into some fancier stuff, like a 3D raytracer. (Both are shown in the video).

The Video Game Shield plugs into an Arduino, and has connections for video out, audio out, and also has plugs for Wii Nunchuks, so you can play your retro game creations with a modern style.

Wayne and Layne have more information on the Video Game Shield. Available only in the Maker Shed at World Maker Faire NY this weekend, coming soon to the Maker Shed online.

In the Maker Shed:


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