6 Awesome Light Fixtures to Brighten Your Shop

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When setting up your shop, you may think about buying a miter saw, lathe, or any number of exotic and conventional tools. If, however, you can’t see what you’re doing as well as possible, your creations will likely suffer. Of course you can always add more normal lights to the ceiling, but if you want to get more creative, these ideas can give you some inspiration!

Truncated Icosahedron Shop Lamp


This interesting 20-sided polyhedron light fixture was originally meant to go in Ben Ezzell’s house, but now resides in his workshop. Given the excellent finish and intricate design, it could fit in either place, but looks great attached to an I-beam!

Snowboard Light Fixture

snowboard light fixture

This snowboard had a long life around the year 2000 in its conventional role, but after collecting dust it was converted into a very cool light fixture. Four holes are cut into it, and a more conventional fixture was strapped to the back. Details of the build can be found here.

[via Instructables]

Bent Copper Light Fixtures


Although these fixtures were actually meant for a very nice kitchen, the open ceiling design and bent metal technique would be applicable to shops (and different types of metal) as well. The copper is cut and bent with a combination shear/press brake/slip roll that could be quite useful for other projects.

Very Tall DIY Clamp Light Stand


For something functional, but visually quite unappealing, I made this clamp light stand out of a bicycle repair stand and 1″ PVC pipe. Although lacking in beauty, it did get the job done, and a second light can be added on the other side if needed.

License Plate Fixture


I don’t have a lot of information on this unique fixture, but it appears that the Maker is from North Dakota. Four license plates attached together like this is a clever idea, and would fit in very well in a garage, the traditional storage place of cars and trucks!

Pipe Light Fixture


Metal piping definitely says “garage” to me, so why not make your shop lighting fixtures out of it? You can attach one light bulb in this way, or, as shown in the picture, this technique can be adapted to house extra bulbs if needed.

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