Build a Giant Adirondack Chair

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Build a Giant Adirondack Chair

Larger-than-life objects make me think of small towns on desolate stretches of freeway, where the city council has dreamed up an oversized object that will entice car travelers on their way somewhere else to stop for a few minutes and spend money. Gigantic superheros, fruit, farm animals, boots, rubber band balls, and furniture have all been created in the hopes of attracting attention and making it into your vacation snapshots. One of the most common giant objects I’ve seen is the chair. It’s a fun one, because sitting on the edge of the seat with your legs dangling down, you appear tiny.

Personally, I think the chairs that are just slightly oversized are funnier than the massive ones, because adults end up looking like children. If you’re interested in building your own giant chair/roadside attraction, Nathan on Haha Bird posted details on how he built his larger-than-life Adirondack chair. I especially like his color-coded rendering of the chair that corresponds to the sizes and quantities of lumber you need to buy.


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