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Secret Playroom Access Through Armoire

Furniture & Lighting
Secret Playroom Access Through Armoire



This secret playroom is the work of Portland remodeling contractor Douglas Shepherd, DBA Maple Seed Renovation, based on the client’s concept. [INSERT PREDICTABLE NARNIA JOKE HERE.] [via Geekologie]

26 thoughts on “Secret Playroom Access Through Armoire

  1. says:

    Wasn’t thinking Narnia so much as I was thinking: “Uhhh, that really looks a lot like the child molester’s/murderer’s hidden room in Running Scared.”

    1. oskay says:

      My first thought was, “OMG– I think I’ve been in that house. Is that in Portland, OR?”

      But maybe that’s just me.

  2. lemoneasy says:

    yeah I have to say the first thing that came to mind was josef fritzl…

  3. jeff-o says:

    It’s totally do this in my house if it were large enough. Alas, not enough room, even for a small secret room…

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      …that I think it’s pretty awesome, too. Also: Thank you for, you know, steering the conversation away from sexual predation.

  4. Cosmo says:

    I had enough nightmares as a kid of creatures in my closet. A whole secret room for monsters to hide in… scary!

  5. StefanJ says:

    . . . a cabinet leading to a slide which deposits the child in a fenced back-yard play area.

  6. RLTarch says:

    As well-crafted and fun as this is, it is vitally important NOT to build this kind of thing in or near a child’s room. Children rightly see these as “safe” areas and retreat into them in a fire situation – and in other emergencies, too.

    A firefighter searching the house for an unaccounted-for child would never think to look here, and the result could be great tragedy.

    It is our responsibility as home building and design professionals to know about and counsel our clients against dangers like this.

    It’s the same reason we don’t let our clients talk us into not putting an egress window in a basement bedroom by calling it an “office” – when we know better.

    1. Braden O'Guinn says:

      Is this still an issue if the playroom on the other side of the armoire has a door leading into it from the hallway? I would presume that the small 2×2 foot hole wouldn’t be the only way into the play space.

  7. Gregg says:

    Why? I didn’t see a witch or a lion or even a lampost. And its not winter out. There’s nothing wrong with using a former wardrobe as an entrance.

  8. mmm says:

    I have the seen the end of that movie enough times to know I shouldn’t go through that little cupboard door.

  9. EdenOrchards says:

    I saw this and had a real “wow, that’s the greatest kiddo idea EVER!!” Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to show my husband this page. My husband is forever turning our home and yard into our 4 children’s wonderland and this looks like an amazing winter project. Thank you so much! How cool is this?! I would’ve been thrilled beyond believe to have a secret entrance to a playroom as a kiddo. You’re awesome! (I’m excited now, can you tell? lol)

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