Sliding Door Made from Old Pallets

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Sliding Door Made from Old Pallets


Who doesn’t love turning trash into treasure?

Pallets are typically found in warehouses for the compact-support and easy transport of goods. Anyone can pick up pallets possibly for free or less than a dollar. A family from Malaysia had the idea of connecting two pallets to create an interior sliding door.

“I’ve always wanted a barn door in my house. Since I am living in Malaysia where barn doors are practically non-existent, I’ve decided to make one.”

In only 6 simple steps people from all walks of life can create this trendy piece of home furnishing that will fit the thrift store budget.

  1. Dismantle the wooden pallets and arrange them based on door measurements (usually 2 pallets).
  2. Arrange planks vertically then secure them in place.
  3. Attach horizontal beams for support. Cut off excess wood until planks are flush.
  4. This step being most difficult for the Malaysian family will differ for everyone. Sanding. Pallets are rough and are in need of some TLC from the power tools.
  5. Attach two wheels of whatever size to the top of the door and the bottom. The top sliding track is held in place by any remaining boards from the pallets.
  6. Stain the wood and add additional spotlights for ambiance if desired.

Viola! A rustic and cozy custom door that you can create with the whole family! Kids will love to learn some basics of woodworking with this easy DIY project!


[via Reddit]

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