Transforming Teak Door is Over-Engineered Goodness

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Transforming Teak Door is Over-Engineered Goodness


A wooden door is nothing unusual. A wooden door made of 40 sections of Burma Teak, however, is something you don’t see every day. According to the Design Milk report on this project, “Each section has been carved to incorporate 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, one wire rope, and a hidden counterweight.” As to how all this is incorporated, the details are not readily forthcoming.

The scale of this door can really be appreciated in the gallery below, which features a woman walking through and under it. The door towers above her at something like 4 times her height. When opened, the door billows in a curve, reminiscent of a curtain.

The company responsible for this design is Indian architecture firm Matharoo Associates. On their site they have several buildings built in this unique wood and concrete style; well worth checking out. This door, or one very similar, is used in the Parag Shah residence, in Surat, India.

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If you don’t have the monetary resources to hire a high-end architecture firm to build your “residence,” my thought was that something similar could be accomplished with 2x4s. That thought came before I really grasped the scope of how big this teak monstrosity is. Maybe a door like this would be impractical for most houses, but the idea is still interesting. Maybe it will give someone an idea for a similar mechanism in the future!

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