Adorable Fridge Magnet Reminds You to Conserve Water

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Adorable Fridge Magnet Reminds You to Conserve Water

The master gardeners of UC Davis have brought an educational and project-based booth to this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire. Their information includes directives on how to lose your lawn, and plant alternative ground coverage.

The best lawn alternatives are California native plants and flowers, which are naturally drought resistant. When planting, you can further reduce your water usage by laying down 3-4″ of mulch. The mulch traps vital nutrients and moisture and allows you to water less frequently.

If you are unable to lose your lawn, you can reduce your consumption by watering less frequently or at night to reduce evaporation. You can also regulate your water usage by hand watering or installing irrigation. The master gardeners have compiled solutions and resources to help combat the effects of California’s current drought, which can be found at their website.

The master gardeners have put together a station to make a succulent wine cork in order to increase attendees’ awareness of our water consumption. These wine corks have a hole drilled in the center and a magnet glued to the back. From there you are able to fill the cork with some soil and a small succulent. The corks have been magnetized so that you can place them on your refrigerator. The hope is that the succulent wine corks will serve as a visual reminder of the drought, and in turn reduce your water usage.

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