How-To: Big Kid Lego Table IKEA Hack


Visitors to our house can’t escape without my son giving them a tour of the massive “Lego City Model” that he’s been building for months on a never-used-for-its-original-purpose small air hockey table in our playroom (sorry, friends!). The air hockey table was a gift from the grandparents a few years ago, and it almost instantly became the main place where he would build and play with his Lego. It’s a good height for standing and building, and has a decent surface area for spreading out the scenes he likes to build. After his all-Lego Christmas, he informed me that he now needs another table on which he can continue his big “Lego City Model.” I’ve had similar problems as Holly of Quirky Momma, though, in that most Lego tables are geared toward little kids. They are short small. My son prefers to stand when he’s building and making stories with his minifigs, and the table Holly ended up making for her sons is spot on for what he needs. She and her husband used IKEA table materials and modified Lego base plates to create this awesome, sleek Lego table. See how it all came together over on her blog. [via IKEA Hackers]
Project: Lego Display Case

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