How-To: Heart Paper Pockets for Valentine’s Day

How-To: Heart Paper Pockets for Valentine’s Day

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By Marie LeBaron
With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, we’re getting our valentines ready for my daughter to give to her classmates. These paper heart pockets can be filled with a love note or heart treats, the perfect way to deliver something special to her Kindergarten class.

Heartpocket Materials


Paper, any color or thickness
Hole punch
Crayons or markers
at least 1 inch square in size


Heartpocket Step1
Step 1: Cut out 2 paper hearts that are the same size. Fold 2 pieces of paper in half (one on top of the other), about 3-4 inches square, and cut out a heart shape from the fold. Make sure to cut on the fold so the heart stays intact.
Heartpocket Step2
Step 2: Punch 8-10 holes around the paper heart, making sure to match the holes on each of the 2 paper hearts.
Heartpocket Step3
Step 3: Cut a piece of yarn about 3 feet long. Wrap a small piece of tape around one end of the yarn to help with threading the yarn through the holes.
Heartpocket Step4
Step 4: Thread the yarn through the first hole at the top of the heart and tie a knot at the end of the yarn to secure it in place as you thread. Loop around or stitch up and down with your paper heart, making sure to lace up each hole.
Heartpocket Step5
Step 5: Once you’ve laced up your heart, tie off the two ends together, forming a loop for a necklace or a door holder.
Heartpocket Step6
Step 6: Write words onto your heart for Valentines, as well as your child’s name. Put in some candy. Now it’s ready to pass out to the class at school on Valentine’s Day.
About the Author:
Author Marielebaron
Marie LeBaron is a crafter, foodie, and mother of three from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can see more of her crafts at her blog Make and Takes.

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