How-To: Make Monster and Alien Feet

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How-To: Make Monster and Alien Feet
By Dave Simon

Where I work we cannot have elaborate costume festivities. Only one item of clothing can be “Halloweenish”. For instance, one year your hat can be the costume, then another year the shoes you wear can be the costume. I intended to be a duck, and wanted to make the flippers. I took an old pair of foam shoes and carefully sprayed expanding foam around them so that I could carve them. They looked good as craggy monster feet, so instead I painted them as is, with gnarly toes and all. My daughter was always borrowing them so I made a pair for her for her third birthday. She loved them in pink and purple. (Monsters can be pretty, you know.) This Halloween, we’ll be making some alien feet for my son.
Monsterfeet Step12B


Old or new foam shoes
Expanding foam in a can I used minimal expanding foam.
Disposable gloves
Spray paint


Monsterfeet Step1
Step 1: Set up a work area with plenty of ventilation, preferably outside, by layering newspaper on a table or workbench. Follow the instructions on the expanding foam can. Orient the shoes so that you can keep track of the left and right shoes.
Monsterfeet Step2
Step 2: Slowly squeeze the trigger and outline the shoe. The slower you can meter the foam, the easier it is to form into the shape you want. The foam will continue to expand a bit, so work slowly and watch how your type of foam behaves.
Monsterfeet Step3
Step 3: Our goal is to make some monster alien feet. Our aliens have 3 toes, so begin to shape them on this first layer. Remember you or your kids will have to walk in them, so try to make the insides of the feet as straight as you can so you don’t waddle. (Aliens don’t waddle!)
Monsterfeet Step4B
Step 4: Begin to add the next layers of foam, giving a few moments between layers for the foam to begin to set.
Monsterfeet Step5A
Step 5: Work your way around the back and top of the shoe.
Monsterfeet Step6B
Step 6: Fill in any blanks and cover up any evidence of “humans” (i.e. the shoe). Step back and look at them to make sure that they look balanced. Let them set overnight to cure the foam through the thicker parts.
Monsterfeet Step7A
The next day you’ll find that they have finished expanding and are a bit smoother.
Monsterfeet Step8A
Step 7: Now let’s begin painting. The monster alien foot will ultimately be green. I like to lay down a base coat of gray paint and add 4 or 5 flicks of accent paint, in this case purple and blue. I don’t paint too close to the paper so the sole of the foot is lighter.
Monsterfeet Step9A
Step 8: Finish off the foot with our main color: green. Don’t spray paint too heavily or else you will cover up the lower layers of paint entirely.
Monsterfeet Step10B
No alien is without stylish toes. Ours had a base of orange and red.
Monsterfeet Step11
Notice the foot is still earthly, so next we will play a bit with the colors.
Monsterfeet Step12B
Step 9: Since I needed the feet to look otherworldly, I added some flicks of silver paint. Everyone knows that aliens with fashion sense will not go outdoors without gold toes.
Step 10: After the paint dries, carefully peel the newspaper from the bottoms of the shoe.
About the Author:
Author Davesimon
Dave Simon lives in St Augustine, Florida, and is always willing to try to make something before buying it. Some of his projects are “cool” to the children and the wife, some not so much.

19 thoughts on “How-To: Make Monster and Alien Feet

  1. Mary says:

    These look so great and seem so easy! Thanks for being so creative and generous!

  2. modern-bride says:

    When I saw the picture I thought it was such a clever idea but I also thought it looked REALLY complicated. I was amazed that something that looked so cool could be so easy to do. Awesome idea!

  3. kristen k says:

    this is amazing!! thank you so much for posting this, i have an old pair of rubber shoes that i didn’t know what to do with, now helloween will be complete :)

  4. Amber says:

    Does the newspaper tend to stick to the feet? If so I wonder if using wax paper to spray them on might be easier?

  5. Tamara says:

    Awesome! I am going to make those shoes for my son’s monster costume that I am adapting from a store bought one.

  6. Adom says:

    This is brilliant. I think I might “weather proof” mine a bit with some latex coating. This is going to be so much easier than the fishman feet I made out of green open cell foam and foam core board.

  7. Katie says:

    How does the foam hold up in walking? does it ever crack and fall off? I’m hoping to make some for my 5-3 yr old niece and nephew.

  8. Don says:

    I know this is a really old post but, just had to comment even if you don’t see it. EXCELLENT idea. A gargoyle is my choice this year but, my size there are not a lot of costume choices. This will be perfect and I can have my three toes and walk too. I will be picking up supplies and look forward to the carving/shaping after curing. I assume the shoes are no longer useable?
    I thank you from the bottom of my stone heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Don says:

    Oh, you have also answered how to make gargoyle hands..with some latex gloves and wha-la!!! What would I do without people like you! I’d be stuck in line shelling out hard earned cash for a piece of…well, you know. Again, thanks.

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