Ignite Show: O’Reilly’s new weekly geek culture show


O’Reilly Media has just launched the Ignite Show, a weekly five-minute video program showcasing the best of geek culture as presented at Ignite sessions from around the world.

The format is half the fun with Ignite–speakers are allowed 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds, whether they’re ready or not. Organized by volunteers in the local geek community and presented free of charge to their communities, Ignite talks range from “How to Buy a Car” to “Hacking Chocolate” to “Transhuman Technology Trends.”

Ignite was created by O’Reilly tech evangelist Brady Forrest and former MAKE video podcaster Bre Pettis as a way for geeks to share their ideas with each other quickly, in a fun atmosphere. Started in Seattle, in 2006, Ignite sessions now regularly occur in dozens of cities worldwide. See the Ignite site for more details and a calendar. Now with the weekly Ignite Show, some of the best of these presentations can be seen on your desktop.

Ignite Show

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  1. Dave Z. says:

    I really enjoyed the Ignite nights in Seattle, but it’s been a while since there was one. Will there be any more?

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