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Heating with wood has its advantages and its rustic charms. And then there’s the endless chopping, stacking, and hauling of wood. If I ever go back to heating with wood, as I did many years ago, I would build me a log splitter like this one. Here, a counterweight and a spring allow gravity to do most of the work.

I couldn’t find any full plans for building one of these rigs, but you can get the basic idea from the video and these drawings that I found on a Swedish website. Here’s a Google translation of the page.

1 thought on “Manual Log Splitter

  1. jkeller4000 says:

    he has got some really nice seasoned wood there!

  2. IM says:

    What if you used a parallel arm?

  3. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Found yet another video and image gallery for a version of this project, with some basic plans.

  4. Scott Matheny says:

    Firewood warms you twice. Once when you burn it and once when you split it.

    1. Stephen Arling says:

      You mean once when you split wood, then once when you burn the wood. I’ve never split burnt wood.

  5. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Found yet another video and article, from Sweden, with lots of pics, drawings, and dimensions for the rig featured.

  6. mralex says:

    It’s nice when your wood is light and straight-grained and seems to split when you blow on it. I always seem to end up with logs that have knots and burls and twisted, stringy grains that resist the hell out being split.

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