Patent illustration Valentine’s cards

Patent illustration Valentine’s cards



Steve Hoefer whipped up these fabulous print-at-home Valentine’s Day cards with particularly romantic patent illustrations. He writes:

For a maker Valentine’s Day is no Halloween. Or even Christmas. In fact on the list of holidays makers get excited over Valentine’s Day is near last, right between Leif Erikson Day and Flag day. And while those are all fine traditions, bu they rarely get people all excited about making stuff for them.

So, in an effort to turn that around I present, straight from the United States Patent Office, Maker Valentine’s Day Cards.

What better way for a maker to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a celebration of romantic inventions and innovations from times past complete with illustrations.

6 thoughts on “Patent illustration Valentine’s cards

  1. Improviser says:

    Yah Right, I’m gonna rush right out and get one for my girl. I should probably get her a slide rule also…she’ll be so happy. Nothing sets your woman up for a hot date like old patents and slide rules. Oh I almost forgot the pocket protectors…..

    1. tigerzero says:

      I actually think they’re sort of clever (the blood pump one, especially), at least more so than typical valentine’s day cards. I don’t even particularly like v-day, but I’d probably at least laugh if someone gave me one of these.

      Maybe as a follow-up to your comment you could suggest what you might do differently to make them more appealing to a larger audience, or perhaps share an alternative v-day maker project that you’ve done or seen.

      I myself would suggest stained-glass flowers; some copper wire, solder (lead free preferred), flux, soldering iron, copper foil tape, glass (or wood, or shells, or anything you can wrap the foil around), and a little time, and you have a permanent, homemade gift that even a non-maker would appreciate. /shrug, that’s just my suggestion.

  2. Copyright Attorney says:

    Here is a similar story

    Looking to express yourself this Valentine’s Day and you figure the traditional Hallmark V-Day card just won’t cut it with your geeky sweetheart this year? Then how about blinding her with science with one of these U.S. Patent inspired illustrated Valentine’s Day Cards?

    Created by maker Steve Hoefer, these five patent illustration cards feature drawings of an official US Patent on the cover and inside is a little whimsical saying to help melt your geeky better-half’s heart. And on the back is a description of the drawing on the cover including the official U.S. Patent number it belongs to.

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