Super Mario Retro Room


Nathan Roberts wrote a great step-by-step on how he revamped a plain bedroom into something special for his son. And I dare say with the pixelated retro Super Mario theme, this might appeal to some older “kids” in our audience as well.
Nathan says about his process:

Not long ago I decided I really needed to up the cool factor to my son’s bedroom. He is getting older and I wanted to be sure to instill some cool geek culture into him early on. He has always loved Mario so we decided that would be a good theme to go on. I had seen the wall clings but they just didn’t quite fit what I was looking for. We needed something bigger that tied in more of the room. I finally stumbled on the idea of just painting it right on the walls. … In the end, he loves it (and my daughter is totally jealous) and that’s all that really matters.

projector_supermario_room_craft.jpg supermario_room_for_son_craft.jpg

Nice job, Daddy Roberts! See the full how-to here.
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