5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Joey Hudy

joey hudy and president obamaImage: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Young maker Joey Hudy‘s 16th birthday is right around the corner, on March 13, and though he’s not even a legal adult yet, his list of accomplishments include meeting President Obama and shooting his own homemade Extreme Marshmallow Cannon with him, creating his own custom Arduino shields, and inspiring folks with his call to action: “Don’t be bored … MAKE something!”

One project you’re particularly proud of:

1. My SMD LED Arduino shield.

joeys smd led kit

Two past mistakes you’ve learned the most from:

1. One time when I was camping with my dad and some of his friends I wanted to carve some wood. So I asked my dad for the pocketknife, and he told me to “cut away from yourself,” but I kinda didn’t listen to him. I started carving and I wasn’t cutting away from myself and ended up cutting myself. Since then I have always been extra careful with the direction I cut.

2. When playing with capacitors from disposable cameras I accidentally touched one lead of the cap with one hand and the other with the other hand resulting in a very nasty shock. Since then I have learned to hold and move high voltage things with only one hand and if possible to not get shocked.

Three new projects that have excited you most lately:

1. My SMD shield would have been, but now I’m working on a 3x3x3 LED cube shield revision.

2. Remodeling my room to a MAKE/wood style has been fun. I will have a Maker Faire-inspired bedroom and office.

3. A 3D scanner using the Kinect controller is a school project that I’m doing.

joeys 3x3x3 led cube

Four tools you can’t live without:

1. My computer because this is what I do all of my work on.

2. My 3D printer allows me to make 3D models and then bring them into real life. I recently 3D-printed a nightstand model and am building one based on the model.

3. My calculator watch because I don’t know my multiplication and division tables.

4. Arduino allows me to make awesome things. It’s what got me really into making. I love my Arduino.

Five people/things that have inspired your work:

1. Tyler Moskowite makes really cool stuff. He’s knowledgeable about topics. He’s also a really kind person.

2. Dale Dougherty is a successful person. He shows me that if you work hard you can do it. He’s a nice, giving, and caring person.

3. Massimo Banzi showed me you can make an idea into a business. He’s hilarious and fun to be around and invented my favorite tool.

4. The MAKE community: the stuff they make is fun to see. I see them build neat things and then I want to make similar stuff too.

5. Maker Faire shows a whole bunch of people who like to make. It’s also a great place because everyone there is like me. I love getting to see all my friends, talk, learn, help other kids, make new friends, and have new experiences.


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