Maker Faire Finale Act, Mucca Pazza, Gets Crazy, Crafty

When I started reading up on Mucca Pazza, Maker Faire’s finale music act, I was highly intrigued. A marching band/rock band with some members sporting speakers for their instruments on their heads? Who wouldn’t be? And as I browsed pictures of their raucous performances with 30 members wielding traditional marching band instruments in a very non-traditional way, I couldn’t help but think that if my high school band had been this cool, I would have grabbed an instrument and joined in as quickly as I could.
Sure, they’re crazy self-modified instrument amplification systems speak to the gadget-loving side of Maker Faire, but check out the album cover for their latest release, Plays Well Together. They’ve incorporated embroidery and applique, making them crafty and cool.
Mucca Pazza – all 30 members – will perform the finale on the Maker Faire music stage on Sunday, October 19 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. You can read more about the band on their official web site and see additional pictures and listen to their music through their MySpace page.

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